Symposium 2014: What is a Primary Source?

With the increasing availability of editions, images, online materials, simulacra, facsimiles, and immersive experiences what, in today’s academy, constitutes a primary source? The Stanford Primary Source Symposium, hosted by the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, welcomes leading international scholars in the fields of Arts and Humanities. The Symposium will focus on all textual media—from facsimiles of manuscripts to art, history, and music—and all forms of critical analysis—from the study of forgery, to aspects of digital appropriation, to philological evaluation—to determine how we understand and respond to the Primary Source.

Stanford's first Primary Source Symposium, 'What is a Primary Source?', took place in November 2014. Our keynote speakers, Professor Herbert Kessler, Sian Echard, and Ron Egan, delivered wonderful lectures, and the event attracted a lively audience, creating wonderful debate.

Thu, November 13-15th 2014, all day