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Vittoria Mollo

Lecturer of French and Italian
Ph.D., Stanford University (2021)

Dr. Vittoria Mollo specializes in the Renaissance period of Italian literature. She earned a Ph.D. in 2021 in the department of French and Italian at Stanford University. Vittoria’s doctoral dissertation was titled: “Talking Statues and Pietro Aretino: Satire and Dissent in Sixteenth Century Rome”.

Vittoria has been a Lecturer in the Structured Liberal Education program (SLE) at Stanford, and she is currently a Lecturer and Chair of Undergraduate Studies in the Italian department. In the past, Vittoria has taught a series of Italian language and literature courses, including the standard survey courses offered by the department. In the upcoming academic year, Vittoria will teach courses on the Italian Middle Ages, Neorealism in the Post-War period, and the rich history of the city of Rome. Vittoria teaches in both English and Italian, and her classes include literature, art, film, and music. Vittoria has also worked for the last seven years as Executive Producer for the popular podcast “Entitled Opinions” with Stanford Professor Robert Harrison.