Philip Abbott

PhD candidate in Religious Studies
M.A., Yale Divinity School
M.A., Pepperdine University
Philip Abbott

Philip Abbott is a Ph.D. Candidate at Stanford University. His research centers on the social history of Christians and Jews in the late ancient Mediterranean, with a particular emphasis on sensory experience.

Philip has received numerous recognitions for his scholarship, including the two most prestigious honors awarded to graduates of Yale Divinity School: the Archibald Prize, awarded to the member of a graduating class who ranks highest in scholarship, and the Malherbe Fellowship, awarded to the graduate who has the most outstanding preparation in Greek and Latin. He also has been the recipient of the FLAS fellowship awarded by the U.S. Dept. of Education for the study of Modern Hebrew (2017-18), as well as the award for Best Graduate Student Project for his master's thesis at Pepperdine University. 

Philip is proficient in Classical Greek, Latin, Coptic, Syriac, Biblical and Modern Hebrew, and German. He has also worked for several years in Europe and the U.S. as a Romanian translator.


Fields of Interest