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Recent News

Feb 26 2018
Seminar in Rome, June 18 – July 7, 2018 Applications due March 2.
Jan 31 2018
Friday 22nd June 2018, Shulman Auditorium, The Queen’s College, University of Oxford How do we understand form at a time when the materials of Renaissance literature seem to “matter” more than ever? Responding to a renewed interest in the forms of texts and textual objects c. 1500-1700, this one-...
INTENSIVE SUMMER COURSE 2018 Institut d'Histoire de la Réformation, University of Geneva, 4‐8 June 2018 Constructing Faith, Confessing One’s Own Faith. Producing and Criticizing Religious Norms in Reformed Communities. 16th‐18th Century. Instructors: Maria‐Cristina PITASSI and Daniela...
Jan 30 2018
Paleography Workshop Location: The Meeter Center for Calvin Studies, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI Dates: July 9-20, 2018
The Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice offers residential scholarships to Italian and international PhDs and post-doc students (who must not be over 40 years old on 10 March 2018) wishing to further their studies of Italian culture – especially that of the Veneto –  with an interdisciplinary approach...