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May 19 2015 | Beyond the Classroom
BY AMY ADAMS Rukma Sen began her fascination with female monsters in medieval literature during a class on Beowulf, which describes the Swedish warrior Beowulf, who battles the monster Grendel and eventually takes on both Grendel's mother and a dragon.
May 18 2015 | Beyond the Classroom
BY KATHLEEN J. SULLIVAN To study medieval misericords, the narrow wooden ledges that monks leaned against while chanting psalms, Christina E.C. Smith needed a plane ticket to London, a BritRail Pass, her well-worn copy of A Catalogue of Misericords in Great Britain – and a really good flashlight...
Apr 6 2015 | HNet Online
The Medieval Islamicate World   About the Series During the medieval period, the Islamicate world encompassed a great arc stretching from al-Andalus to China. Within this arc, Muslims, Jews, and Christians, along with other diverse cultures and communities, established sophisticated and...
Apr 6 2015
A Manuscript Fragment Preserved Intact By David A. Jordan
Dr Bridget Whearty, a CLIR-Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Medieval Manuscript Studies at Stanford, will take up her new tenure-track Assistant Professorship at SUNY-Binghamton this Fall. Bridget obtained her PhD in Medieval Literature from Stanford's Department of English in 2013, and we are...