CfA: Graduate Student Grants Summer 2022

The Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies invites applications from current Stanford graduate students for two types of grants:

  1. Research grants: for archival, museum, or other on-site research furthering the candidate’s dissertation work or a project with quantifiable output (article, book chapter, prospectus, possibly conference presentation). Amounts are variable and revolve around $1000. Candidates are encouraged to seek co-sponsorship from other funding sources.
  2. Travel grants: for participation in conferences and/or research workshops. Preference will be given to candidates who will be presenting their work at that conference/workshop and whose participation is guaranteed. Grants are worth $500.

Applicants for the research grants are invited to write a 500-word statement explaining the project for which research is carried out and how it fits into their overall research goals; detailing the exact location(s) where research will be done; and arguing for the need of in-person consultation of sources. Additionally, applicants will be asked to provide an itemized budget, an indication of other sources of funding (confirmed or pending), a timeline including travel dates as well as write-up and submission deadlines, and the name of one Stanford faculty member who may be asked to confirm the research project (no letter of recommendation is required).

Applicants for the travel grants are asked to submit the title and abstract which they proposed for the conference (where applicable) and an explanation of how their paper fits into their research (150 words). Applicants who plan to travel without presenting should explain in 300 words how their attendance at the conference furthers their research and professional goals. Additionally, applicants will be asked to provide details of the conference (date, place, and organizer); an indication of whether their participation has been secured; and an indication of other sources of funding (confirmed or pending).

For both grants, all these elements should be included in one single PDF file, with the applicant’s name heading each page and in the file title. CMEMS will have three rounds of applications for the academic year 2022-2023 (Summer, Fall, Winter), and the grants must be used by the Summer of 2023 and no later than August 31, 2023. The quality and feasibility of the proposal will be taken into account, as will the applicant’s level of advancement in their program and their thoroughness in securing funding from other sources. Attention will be given to distributing grants evenly between graduate students working primarily in medieval and in Early Modern studies.

Applications as well as questions should be directed to Laura Stokes, Johannes Junge Ruhland, and the CMEMS mailing address (cmemsinfo [at] (cmemsinfo[at]stanford[dot]edu)). The Summer 2022 deadline is August 15.

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