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Stanford-Poitiers Conference: "Southern France and the Latin East in the 13th Century: Crusade, Networks, and Exchanges"

April 19, 2018 (All day) to April 20, 2018 (All day)
All sessions in Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center, unless otherwise noted.

Southern France and the Latin East in the 13th Century: Crusade, Networks, and Exchanges

April 19-20, 2018


Thursday April 19, 2018

Coffee: 9-9.30am   Stanford Humanities Center Lobby


Introduction and Welcome: 9.30-9.45am

Amalia Kessler, Director of FSCIS (Stanford), and Marisa Galvez (Stanford)


Session 1: 9.45-11.45am   Troubadour Crusading Networks in Song and Songbooks

Moderator: Katherine Kong (Independent Scholar)

Steve Nichols (Hopkins)De sai or de lai?’  Spiritual Ecology in Troubadour Crusade Literature”

Marisa Galvez (Stanford)Testimoni, Cavalier e Jocglar’: Raimbaut de Vaqueiras as Crusader-Poet and Songbook Networks”

Christopher Davis (Northwestern)“The Empire of Song: Lyric Mobility and Social Hierarchy in the ‘Chansonnier du Roi’”


Lunchtime Graduate Workshop: 12-1.45pm

In Stanford Humanities Center Board Room. Participants and RSVPs only. Papers pre-circulated by email. Moderator: Rowan Dorin (Stanford)

Nicolyna Enriquez (UCLA): “Medieval Connections: An Examination of a Fatimid Rock Crystal Ewer from the Treasury of Saint-Denis, Paris”

Richard Ibarra (UCLA): “Property Dispute and Crusaders in the Letters of Ivo of Chartres”

Padraic Rohan (Stanford): "Emperors No More: the Thirteenth-Century Sea Change from Constantinople to the Latin West"


Session 2: 2-3.30pm   Social Practices and Intercultural Exchanges

Moderator: Alexander Key (Stanford)

Stefan Vander Elst (UC San Diego)“Crusade as a War of Families in the First Quarter of the Thirteenth Century”

Martin Aurell (U Poitiers)“From historiography to myth: mixed marriage in the Holy Land”


Coffee Break: 3.30-3.45pm   Stanford Humanities Center Lobby


Session 3: 4-5.45pm   Outremer Courts

Moderator: Francisco Prado-Vilar (Harvard)

Nicholas Paul (Fordham)“Cortezia and the Haute cour: Occitan Culture and the Shaping of Aristocratic Space in the Latin East”

Justine Andrews (U New Mexico)Lusignan Cyprus: Image and Architecture between France and the Levant”


Discussion and Concluding Response: 5-5.45pm

Rowan Dorin (Stanford), introduced by Elizabeth Marcus (Stanford)


Friday April 20, 2018

Coffee: 8.30-9am   Stanford Humanities Center Lobby


Session 4: 9-10.30am   Circulation and Borrowings

Moderator: Fiona Griffiths (Stanford)

Nicolas Prouteau (U Poitiers)“Circulation and Borrowings between East and West in the Thirteenth Century : The case of Military Architecture”

Estelle Ingrand-Varenne (U Poitiers)“Holy Land Epigraphy in Comparison with Thirteenth-Century Inscriptions of Southern France”


Visit to Stanford Libraries Special Collections: 10.30-11.30am

Stanford University Libraries, First Floor of Green East


Lunch for Conference Participants and Attendees: 11.30-1pm

Picnic tables outside Stanford Humanities Center


Session 5: 1-3pm   Modes of Transmission: Stories and Song

Moderator: Marie-Pierre Ulloa (Stanford)

Rachel Golden (U of Tennessee)“Gendered Grief, Disruptive Motion, and Reinvention in French Crusade Song”

Susan Noakes (U of Minnesota—Twin Cities)“Boccaccio’s Cyprus and Multi-Lingual Aspects of Mediterranean Trade Revealed in Song”

Lynn Ramey (Vanderbilt)“Storytelling on Crusade: Modeling Textual Transmission using a Video Game Engine”


Coffee Break: 3-3.30pm   Stanford Humanities Center Lobby


Session 6: 3.30-5.30pm   Theories of Translatio and Reception

Stanford Humanities Center Board Room. Moderator: Marisa Galvez (Stanford)  

Francisco Prado-Vilar (Harvard)“The Beauty and Pathos of Crusader Bodies: Art, Antiquity, and Eschatology from Bohemond to the Leper King”

Shirin Khanmohamadi (SFCU)“Saracens, Objects, and Translatio in the Crusade Cycle”


Discussion with Concluding Response: 4.30-5.30pm

Stanford Humanities Center Board Room.

Jessica Goldberg (UCLA), introduced by Laura Stokes (Stanford)


Closing Reception: 5.30-7pm   Stanford Humanities Center Lobby

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