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Digital Manuscripts Workshop

December 1, 2017 -
9:30am to 12:30pm
Building 200, Room 307

A growing number of images from cultural heritage institutions around the world are available for use and re-use by scholars through the International Image Interoperability Framework ( This framework and community facilitates comparison of materials across repositories through a common protocol. It also allows for the use of a number of lightweight tools that can be hosted at your institution, or on your laptop, for viewing, annotation, transcription, and collection-building. This workshop will focus on discovery of interoperable resources, building collections of resources for teaching and research, and the use of tools that support these activities. No previous experience with IIIF is required. Each participant will get hands-on experience gathering materials from across the web, working with software tools to compare and annotate those materials, and with ample time for in-workshop experimentation and discussion.