2023 Primary Source Symposium: "Embodied Histories"

Thu April 13th - Fri April 14th 2023, All day


"Embodied Histories"

CMEMS is delighted to be hosting our ninth annual Primary Source Symposium this spring, centering on the theme of "Embodied Histories." (Click here for more information about why we chose this year's theme)

Over the course of Thursday and Friday, April 13-14, CMEMS will be hosting 10 medieval and early modern scholars, both graduate students and professors, from a variety of institutions across the United States.

Peggy McCracken (University of Michigan) will be giving this year's keynote talk, "History & Embodiment in the Ovide moralisé

There will be three panels over the course of the symposium: 

  • Pistachios, Geriatric Sex, & Vampires”: Hannah Johnston, Hüseyin Göcen, Jessica Riskin

  • Body, Mind, & Soul” : Audrey Martel-Dion, Merve Tekgürler, Edward Halley Barnet
  • Sound, Space, & Lyric”: Bissera V. Pentcheva, Marisa Galvez, Lorenzo Tunesi

At the core of medieval and early modern studies are the material remains of a multitude of cultures that prevailed from ca. 500 to 1750 across the world. These remains are themselves as diverse as the cultures that produced them: reliquaries, manuscripts, books, paintings, churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques, castles and palaces, jewelry, weaponry, and textiles. These relics insist on our full engagement and deep appreciation. The yearly symposiums aim to provide the space for reflection, interpretation, analysis, and scholarly exchange.

For more information about past symposiums, click here.