Patrick Hunt

Lecturer in Stanford Continuing Studies
Associate (UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies)


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Patrick Hunt has been teaching humanities, archaeology and the arts at Stanford for 20 years. Trained in archaeology (Ph.D., Institute of Archaeology, UCL, University of London, 1991), other graduate studies include: U.C. Berkeley; American School of Classical Studies, Athens; Institute of Classical Studies, London; among others, with research specialties in archaeometry and art history. Several published books cover Medieval to Renaissance topics, including an edited essay volume on Dante's Inferno: Critical Insights (Salem Press, 2011). Hunt’s alpine research has been sponsored by National Geographic Society (2007-2008). Other publications include: Renaissance Quarterly (2007, 2008); Journal of Art Crime (2010); Kunstpedia (Netherlands, 2012); and a forthcoming chapter on Caravaggio in an E. J. Brill monograph (Leiden, 2012). He works extensively in medieval Alpine contexts, including late Roman castra, spoliation of Roman materials, and pioneering research on lichenometry on castle chronology in the Rhine Valley in eastern Switzerland and Savoie, France.